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  • Breakfast One More Time
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Altitude Adjustment
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Chemical
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Crazy On You / Counting Stars
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Drive
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Freinds in low places
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Get Lucky
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Hold On / I Ran
  • All Songs Matter
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  • I Miss You
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Nothing Whisper
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Overdrive
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Psyco Killer
  • All Songs Matter
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  • Sweet Caroline
  • All Songs Matter
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All Songs Matter is the electrifying music duo of Shaun Raines and Tom Townsend. Formed in 2020, ASM was born out of Shaun and Tom's desire to explore new avenues for sharing their music. Both seasoned musicians, they have a rich history of band experiences, notably playing together in "45 Tries" in Virginia Beach, Virginia, during the early 2000s.

ASM's unique approach to music blends genres seamlessly, often mashing up classic hits with contemporary tunes. Their setlists are a dynamic mix of audience favorites, ensuring that no two shows are the same. This means that if you catch them on consecutive nights, you'll be treated to entirely different performances.

Shaun and Tom are both multi-instrumentalists, boasting a combined experience of over 80 years. Their vast musical expertise and innovative spirit make every ASM performance a memorable experience.